Earn Awesome Rewards
for being a True Fan!

Become an Ambassador for your Favorite Brand and earn
Free Tickets, Limited Edition Merch or Exclusive Experiences.

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Earn Exclusive Rewards

As an ambassador you'll be able to earn goodies that are out of reach for most other fans.

Free Tickets and Discounts

Wanna go to your favorite event or cop the latest release? Why not earn it or get a discount by telling your friends about it.

Limited Edition Merch

As an Ambassador you get access to awesome goodies that you would not get elsewhere. Think signed jersey, limited edition sneakers or a customized shirt.

Exclusive Experiences

Money-can't-buy can be earned by the most diligent ambassadors and create memories lasting a lifetime.

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Perform Actions to Earn Points

Every performed Action gives you points that can be exchanged for rewards.

Share Branded Content

Share predefined post on your social media for some easy points.

Create Content

Get creative follow the instructions and create your very own post for your fave brand.

Recommend Products

Earn points by letting your friends know what you truly care about and recommend discounted products to them.

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Get your Ambassador on

Finally you can actively help your favorite brand to grow and even get rewarded for that.

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One Big Family

Be part of a community that shares one big passion: The love for your favorite brand.

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4 Reasons to Join

Find a public campaign on Hypd or let yourself get invited to your favorite brands ambassador program.

Meet awesome Like-Minded People

Every ambassador program is filled with people that share your excitement and love for your brand.

Enter the Next Level of being a Fan

Only the most motivated and dedicated fans become ambassadors and reap the rewards. It's an elite club.

Share the Love for Your Fav Brand with the World

It's super fun helping a brand you love to grow and trail blaze its success.

Earn Super Exclusive Rewards

Only few things feel more rewarding than earning rewards that nobody else can get their hands on.

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Bringing Fans and Brands together

We believe that true Fans are the greatest way of spreading the word of awesome Brands.

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