Fans get rewarded for promoting their favourite brands.

Over 100k Ambassadors are hyped!

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Bringing Fans and Brands together

We believe that true Fans are the greatest way of spreading the word of awesome Brands.

Get rewarded for being awesome

True Fans need to be treated as kings and queens.
That's why with Hypd you can earn super cool rewards for performing actions that help your favorite brands.

  • Earn super limited and exclusive rewards like special merchandise, once in a lifetime experiences or free tickets.
  • Share content on your social media or sell tickets to your friends to earn points that can be exchanged for rewards.
  • Help your favorite brands and take the next step of super fandom by joining their ambassador program
Become an Ambassador

Let your Fans take over your Marketing

Start your own ambassador program, bond with your most passionate fans and benefit from their reach and enthusiasm for your marketing.

  • Let your fans create and share your brand on their social media uncapped and authentic reach
  • Easily gain the trust of new audiences warmed up by your most loyal followers
  • Increase your sales as a recommendation of a friend has a 400% higher success rate than an ad.
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Sharing your Passion with the World

Ambassador Programs are the coolest way for enthusiastic fans and cutting edge brands to join forces. Regardless of the industry.

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